Take control of your software

Application Development

Triangle Software has been providing software development services for nearly 30 years. It is our core offering, and our experienced software development team comprise over 90% of our staff. 

In addition to our extensive technical skills, we pride ourselves in our pragmatic and jargon-free approach to understanding your business and its requirements. We strive to provide software solutions that suit your business to the finest detail.  Ease-of-use, security and most importantly, a return on your investment are our top priorities. 

We use Microsoft development tools and SQL server databases to build our back-office software. We are also flexible in our hosting options; our software products are available as cloud-based solutions or can be hosted on your local servers. 

For mobile applications, we use both Apple (iOS) and Android development tools. Our mobile software synchronises seamlessly with your back-office database to provide full visibility across your company.

Bespoke Software Development

Over the years we have been lucky enough to work with many clients, over a range of industries. Some are household names, such as MoD, Keele University and Tarmac, while the majority are SMEs. The bespoke solutions created for our clients have been equally as varied and include sales order processing, stock control, warehousing, CRM, mobile workforce management and many others.

As well as fully bespoke solutions, Triangle also provides a range of products that are ready to integrate perfectly with your existing systems. Like the look of our products but need something that fits your needs a little better? Not a problem - we can adapt any of our software to compliment your business workflows. 


It's not just about software; having the ability to integrate hardware solutions into your software systems is key to a friction-less workflow while maintaining a safe and compliant work environment.

Triangle has the ability to work with most hardware solutions, where there is an API we can communicate.

Software Integration

The number of software solutions available on the market is growing fast, each designed to streamline a different set of processes within a business. Although these systems provide benefits for one area of an organisation, interfacing with another area may be challenging. 

Triangle can bring these systems together; building bridges between software solutions where only data rivers exist.

Data Visualisation Tools

As you collect more data about your business, the ability to easily digest and analyse vast quantities of information becomes imperative. We can help you achieve this with data visualisation. 

We can build our bespoke solutions to visualise your data exactly how you need it. Plus, we can integrate our software with most existing data visualisation tools.

Content Management Systems

Documents here, there and everywhere! Whether it’s for operational procedures, compliance or analytics, businesses are managing and storing more information than ever before. 

Securing, managing and distributing documents and images can be a challenge, especially if you want to remain GDPR compliant. 

Our solutions can harness the power of well-known content management systems, or we can build software that is perfectly suited to your existing infrastructure.

Software Security

Are your existing systems hidden by firewalls or exposed to the web for everyone to see? Whichever applies, securing your systems is paramount. 

The need for effective security management increases alongside the number of systems that you introduce into your business. High numbers of users across multiple software solutions can become difficult to manage.

The maintenance of authorisation privileges and forgotten passwords can be handled by Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO harnessing, OpenID or Active Directory Federated Services provide central management for your authentication and authorisation needs.  

Need to secure your legacy system? At Triangle, we can bring all your bespoke and compliant third-party solutions together under one security umbrella.

Software Support

If you have a software system that requires support, Triangle can help,

Software companies can disappear just as quickly as they arrived, which can, unfortunately, leave a business with software that isn’t maintained or supported.

Triangle has been trading for over 27 years, and we’re not going anywhere! If you need assistance with any of your software solutions, contact us to see how we can help.