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Triangle software have been providing software development services for our clients for over 25 years. Software development is our core offering and over 90% of our staff are software developers. In addition, all our staff are directly employed, based in our software development office in Cheshire. In addition to our extensive technical skills, we pride ourselves in our pragmatic and jargon free approach to understanding your business and providing the best fit software combining ease of use, security and most importantlty, a return on your investment.

For our back office software we use Microsoft development tools and SQL server databases and our software can be hosted on your own local servers, or in the cloud. For mobile workforce applications we use both Apple (IOS) and Android development tools and our mobile software synchronises seamlessly with the back office database to provide full visibility across your company.

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Bespoke software: Software written specifically for your business. Call to discuss your requirements.

KDO Traffic Management: Our road maintenance system covering road lining and marking, traffic management, street furniture etc.

Adaptaware: Our Modular software is a tailored offering that allows you to 'pick and mix'  which modules you require, avoiding costs for features that you do not need.

As can be seen above, we offer a number of solutions, aimed at providing the most cost effective solution to you, our client.

During our first meetings with you we will discuss there options and collectively agree on the best approach based on your specific requirements

Bespoke software

We have been providing bespoke software solutions for clients across the UK for over 25 years. As the solution is bespoke it is built specifically for you and so fits your needs exactly; you do not pay for features you do not need and you get precisely what you need. Read more on our bespoke software page.

Road marking and Traffic management

Over the past 10 years or so and in collaboration with KDO software, we have developed a suite of modules aimed at the road marking and traffic management industries. These modules can be selected as required, and individually tailored to fit with your requirements. Similar to our bespoke software, you get what you need, tailored to you, without paying for features you do not require. 

You can read more on our Traffic management and road marking page.


Adaptaware is Triangle's latest offering. Based on a suite of over 30 modules each addressing a specific business function, Adaptaware allows you to select exactly the modules you require and add or remove modules as your business develops or changes.

Each module can be tailored to fit your exact requirements payments are monthly based on modules and users. You can read more on our Adaptaware modular software page