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Bespoke Software

Triangle have been developing Bespoke Software for over 25 years based in our North West development office, situated close to  the Jodrell Bank radio telescope in rural Cheshire. All our development  staff are directly employed and based in this office.

We have over the years worked with many clients, some are household names (MoD, Keele University, Tarmac), whilst the majority are smaller, generally SME's. The Bespoke Solutions we have provided are equally varied and include Sales order processing, stock control, invoicing, warehousing, CRM, mobile workforce and many others.

We always quote a fixed price, based on an agreed specification which one of our business analysts develop in partnership with your staff. We have never reneged on a fixed price.

To help us provide you with the most cost effective and robust bespoke software we have developed a software delivery framework which we call Infolens. A brief history and overview of Infolens is provided below.


In 1995, we had started work on a standard set of development tools, linked to a user interface, designed to provide both novice and experienced users alike a consistent, productive and robust environment. The first use of this new environment was in 1997; the system was a great success and quickly became our standard, so much so that we gave it a name - InfoLens.

Since 1997, as technology matured, InfoLens has gone through 6 major rewrites, and countless minor ones, largely based on user feedback.


The concepts embodied in InfoLens remain the same today as they were in 1997; to provide a secure, robust, consistent and productive user environment to host business software applications. There have of course been changes based on technology; smartphones did not exist in 1995, and the internet was in its infancy.


The current version of InfoLens is designed to work across a number of platforms. The desktop version works on several different browsers, on either Microsoft Windows, or Apple OSX, whilst the mobile versions work with either IOS, or Android. All versions us Microsoft’s SQL server database which can be hosted on site, or in the cloud.


Our standard implementation utilises HTTPS, providing a secure and encrypred data transport path, and our database server sits behind an applications server, protecting it from direct attack.

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Because we use common libraries and methods to provide routine user functions (searching, look-ups, data updates, mobile syncs etc.) our clients know that these functions have hundreds and often thousands of previous uses; basically, off-the-shelf robustness for bespoke applications.


The use of these standards provides a consistency across each application – indeed, across multiple applications. For example, the search function works exactly the same way throughout the system; the same applies for all common functions (look-ups, data downloads, menu systems etc.)


All the features listed above provide the user with an environment where they can maximise their productivity whether they be a novice or an expert.