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Make anything possible

Some businesses are so innovative that they need innovative tailored software to help reach their natural potential. If that's you, then Tailored from Triangle is the solution. We started out in 1993 as a software development company designing unique applications for businesses. Almost 30 years later, we're still creating and innovating to make our clients more profitable. 

Your business is unique, so why isn't your software? 

Business is good, so let's make it better

Perhaps you have a unique problem to solve. Maybe you are looking for a way to integrate all your existing systems into a single simple back-office tool. Or, it might be that you know the problem but not the solution. Wherever you're at, Tailored from Triangle can help you streamline your business, boost your competitiveness and improve your bottom line. 

improve processes cog

Improve processes

streamline workflows

Streamline workflows

enhance accuracy

Enhance accuracy

boost bottom line

Boost bottom line

enhance competitive edge

Enhance competitive edge

productivity graph

Maximise productivity

bespoke software blueprint

Software that makes you more ‘you'

Bespoke solutions that helps your business develop

If the thing that makes you unique is also the thing that makes you successful, you need a business software solution that helps you capitalise on that differentiator. Our extensive business experience means we’re well versed at getting to grips with new models and processes and tailoring solutions that fit your business exactly.  

improve your bottom line

It's all about the bottom line

Powerful business software designed to make an impact

You're in business to make a profit. We get it. And this is at the centre of everything we do when developing a Tailored solution for your organisation. We'll work with you to smooth your processes, improve your customer experience, streamline your sales order system, or whatever else it is that’ll make a real and lasting impact in your bottom line. 

business analyst and customer communication

Precise specifications

Know where you are from start to finish

Having software developed should be as straightforward as buying any other service or product. Our business analysts will work closely with you to understand your business and identify opportunities. Then we’ll draw up an agreed specification that we use as the basis of a guaranteed fixed-price and as the blueprint to guide all of us through the process from start to finish. 

automation cogs

Software integration that works for you

Made-to-measure development

Whatever kind of software you are already running, a Tailored solution can be designed to slot right in, integrating perfectly with your legacy system and processes. That means minimised downtime or no wasted investment… just a bespoke software solution developed to do exactly what you need.


Unique delivery framework

Hit the ground running

While your Tailored solution is a one-off, it is developed using InfoLens, our unique software delivery framework. Designed and improved over decades, InfoLens is a secure, robust and consistent user environment we use to host business software applications. And it works like a dream. Used as the basis of every Tailored project, InfoLens means your solution will be highly accessible and easy to use.

Innovation for businesses of all sizes

Innovation for businesses of all sizes

Game-changing business software

Size of your business shouldn’t determine the quality of your software solution. We have developed Tailored solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from the MoD, Keele University and Tarmac, all the way through to SMEs and start-ups. Whatever the size of your business, we can help you move it to the next level. Call to learn more.  

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