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Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Staying on top of your customer data can be an enormous asset that can fuel growth and drive sales within your business, by quickly responding to customer needs and identifying new opportunities that arise.

Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM, is one of the most used types of software in industry today. In the hectic business environment in which we all now work, your employees need more tools to help them convert prospects to customers and increase your revenue potential. Triangle’s software development resources cal help you to maximise your CRM potential.

Some CRM systems integrate social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to track and communicate with customers sharing their opinions and experiences with a company, products and services. Trends identified through social media allow businesses to make more accurate decisions on which products to supply.

“Everything should be made a simple as possible, but not simpler”

Allocating the right resources to the right customer at the right time can help retain current customers, win new ones, and shorten sales cycles to make the whole process easier and more efficient for both your customers and your staff.

Have you automated your customer accounts? How effective is your integration with popular packages such as outlook and word; or other systems within your business such as financials or supply chain? Are you looking to eliminate re-keying information and ensure that important information is always to hand, to whomever needs it?.

Are you taking advantage of all that Customer Relationship Management software can do for your business?

We have helped Keele University, the MOD, GiTi Tyre and many more organisations with their CRM systems. Click here to see how we can help you.