Triangle Software

Mobile Workforce


This module allows jobs created in the back office to be sent to a mobile user. Jobs can contain many forms of information, including text, images, documents and sound files. The user will be able to view, modify and complete these jobs using the mobile device.

Secure and robust synchronisation allows the job information to be sent to and received from the mobile user even where the mobile signal is intermittent.



The checklist and risk assessment module ensures operatives carry out checks before starting work e.g. vehicle or machinery checks, and onsite health and safety or risk assessments. These can be set as a mandatory requirement, stopping any other functionality until the checks are completed. These check lists are fully definable by your staff in the back office (subject to user permissions).

Traffic Count


Details and photographs of any accident or other notifiable incident can be recorded. Date and time stamps, user ID and GPS tag are all recorded and linked to the incident. All of this information is available to the back office.