Mobile forms that make business better

Forms that work on your terms

We’ve been helping businesses improve how they work for almost 30 years. Experience tells us that one-size-fits-all apps don’t work for everyone. That’s why we designed Formulate – the tailorable and integratable mobile forms solution that reduces costs, saves time and boosts productivity on your terms.

The only mobile forms app your business will ever need

Consolidate with Formulate

We designed Formulate to make your business stronger – to run more smoothly and improve its bottom line. From sales teams to warehouse staff, everyone can benefit from streamlined workflows, enhanced data capture and effective team communications.

Clock - save time with mobile forms

Save time

Pounds sign - increase profits with mobile forms

Increase profits

Productivity graph - save time with mobile forms

Increase productivity

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Strengthen compliance

Tools - improve security with mobile forms

Enhance security

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Increase sustainability

Mobile forms that collect data in any field

Formulate is a mobile forms software solution designed for any remote workforce. From sales consultants to boiler repair technicians, where there are paper processes, there’s an opportunity to benefit from Formulate. 

Mobile forms software allows intelligent data capture on the move without the limitations of paper-based document management. Your workforce can collect and share information quickly and easily from their mobile device, wherever their location.  

Moving all of your paperwork online increases workforce efficiency and allows your employees to spend less time on admin and more time on the jobs that matter most. 

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Phone screen mobile forms workflow

Work smarter

Upgrade your workflow

Streamline your scheduling and management by sending detailed job instructions, task schedules and pre-populated forms directly to your mobile workforce, and have them returned to your back office in real-time. 

Needle and thread - tailor mobile forms

Designed to suit your business

Off-the-shelf or tailored... it’s up to you

Easy to install and use, Formulate works great as it is. In fact, you can start using it today. But we can also tailor it to your needs and integrate it into your existing system so that it suits your business like a glove. It’s up to you.

Building blocks - build mobile forms

Simple, intuitive form building

Mobile forms anyone can make

Formulate’s intelligent design means it’s easy to create forms that do exactly what you need. With all the data fields you could ever want, plus easy-to-build hierarchical menus, you don’t need to be a programmer to streamline your business.

Collect data illustration for mobile forms

Easy data collection

Know your business better

Collect and analyse the data you need from your mobile workforce – from electronic signatures to GPS stamps – export it to PDF or integrate directly with your existing systems. The more you know about your business, the better it runs.

Cogs to control mobile forms users

Take complete control

A powerful back-office manager

Formulate’s ingenious back-office manager makes it easy to design forms, set permissions, manage users, schedule jobs and so much more, all at the click of a mouse. Think of it as the nerve centre of your business – total control at your fingertips.

Phone screen checkboxes on mobile forms

Say goodbye to expensive mistakes

Reactive forms for better accuracy

Imagine no more simple errors, no more time spent deciphering unreadable handwriting... Formulate’s reactive design reacts to a user’s input and guides them through the form ensuring the right data gets to you.

Are you in need of an enterprise-wide mobile workforce management solution? Reach covers every aspect of your business, from CRM systems and sales order processing to invoicing and credit notes... and everything in-between. Learn more here

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