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Why choose Formulate?

Formulate is from Triangle Software, a company with over 27 years experience in delivering software solutions to businesses of all types and sizes. We pride ourselves in understanding that our clients are first and foremost commercial businesses, not ‘techies’. We adopt a pragmatic, business focussed approach to all our software and clients alike.

Mobile Forms - Unlock the potential of paper-free mobile working with Formulate

Going paperless with Formulate is about so much more than digitising your forms and paperwork – it’s about unleashing powerful workflow benefits that can dramatically reduce costs, save time and boost productivity. Formulate is cloud based so runs on any connected computer (back-office) and on both Android and IOS tablets and phones.

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Mobile forms - back-office manager

Managed by you

Forms, users and permissions are managed by you, from Formulate's back-office manager.

Mobile forms - Reactive forms

Reactive forms

Make your mobile forms react to user input by dynamically changing validation or the visibility of fields. 

Mobile forms - Workflow


Distribute forms to your workforce either individually, or by group. Receive completed forms automatically.

Mobile forms - Navigation

App Navigation

Our navigation builder allows you to create simple hierarchical menus to organise your mobile forms.

Mobile forms - Export data


The submission exporter enables you to download data to Excel, PDF and many more formats.

Mobile forms - Support


We have an enthusiastic army of developers ready to support you.

Make your mobile forms work harder

As its name implies, Formulate is designed to replace paper forms with digital ones. 

From enquiries to invoices, business runs on forms. It’s how we communicate and maintain order. But if your forms are paper-based or on unconnected digital formats, the margins for error and wasted time are enormous.

Triangle Formulate is an easy-to-use desktop tool and mobile app that lets you easily create, distribute, collect, store and access digital forms enabling you to make signifiant efficiency gains. There is no limit to the number or type of forms that you, the user, can create with Formulate, furthermore, there are features in Formulate which go beyond simply replicating paper (see below).

Formulate is truly flexible. Your forms are created and managed via Formulate’s cloud-based application which runs on any computer which has access to the internet and can be distributed to, and filled in by tablets or phones running either Apple's IOS, or Android.

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Mobile forms - Scheduler
Mobile forms - Create form

Formulate's powerful back-office app allows you to manage your forms collection. Any number of forms can be created, form field types can be specified from a comprehensive list of options and fields can be dynamically validated to reduce on-site mistakes and omissions; all by you and with no programming or computer code! 

Form distribution can be scheduled by user and date, allowing you to create and allocate jobs. The completion (or otherwise) of scheduled jobs can be monitored from the back-office.

Beyond paper

Reactive forms respond dynamically to user input. A simple example would be a works order for an engineer where one of the questions on the form was “Have any parts been used” an answer of “yes” would dynamically adjust the form to ask for the parts to be identified. 

GPS locations are recorded automatically, so you know precisely where the form was filled in. GPS locations can be viewed in Google maps from the back-office.

Photographs can be added to any form. These can be optional, or you can build the form so that a photo is mandatory.

Workflow - Forms can be sent to individual mobile workers (for example job sheets or works orders), or to groups of users (for example “Today’s questionnaire”). Additionally, forms can contain specific, unique information (for example, all job sheets have the same template, but each one has an individual job number and customer address). Once complete, each form is transmitted back to the office for further action.

Formulate’s back-office app has powerful search features to help you in organising your returned forms, which can then be exported to Microsoft Excel, or Word for further processing.

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Mobile forms - Checklist
Mobile forms - Licence
Mobile forms - Daily record sheet

Any number of forms can be loaded on to the tablet. Forms can be organised via a user defined flexible menu structure to enable mobile users to find and navigate to the correct form quickly and easily.

Need More?

Tailored to you

Make our app your app by tailoring it to fit your company style.

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Mobile forms - Tailored options
Mobile forms - Webhooks

Get real-time updates on form submissions.

Mobile forms - Third party

Third Party

Connect to services like Google Docs, OneDrive, Office 365 and many more.

Mobile forms - API


Query form submissions using the RESTful API.