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Formulate’s back-office manager is the hub of your mobile forms software system. 

It’s accessible from any desktop with an internet connection and is the place to create forms and workflows, schedule jobs and view your data. 

The back-office application has powerful functionality designed to help you get the most out of your business, empower intelligent data collection and improve your bottom line.

mobile forms software dashboard


mobile forms drag and drop

Form Builder

navigation for mobile forms


job scheduling calendar

Job Scheduling

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electronic address book


Explore Formulate's back-office features

mobile form dashboard


An overview of submissions

Formulate’s dashboard provides a summary of submissions from your mobile workforce. At a glance, you can view the number of submissions by day, week and month; identify your top users; and monitor total, complete and late jobs. 

Mobile Form Building on Desktop

Mobile Form Builder

Form building is simple with Formulate

All form building elements are accessible via the control panel. Just select the feature you would like to add then drag and drop onto the form. It’s as easy as that.

From maps and image capture to electronic signatures and barcode scanning, there’s a wide range of controls available. We understand the importance of data collection, and that is why Formulate captures information accurately and efficiently.     

Learn more about the features of mobile forms.

PDF layout screenshot from mobile form back-office

PDF Layouts

Take complete control

Create custom PDF printouts with Formulate’s flexible layout designer. 

The layout designer has a multitude of features that give you the power to build your forms exactly as you wish, including header and footer control, alignment tools, labels, text, tables and many more. 

Navigation and Workflows

Navigation and Workflows

Organise and manage mobile forms

Use the navigation editor to set-up your forms and workflows in an appropriate order for your workforce. 

For example, you may want to apply different groups to different job roles, so supervisors will see a different set of forms to a driver; this ensures that each user only has access to the digital forms that are relevant to them. 

Or, you may utilise Groups to collate different form types together, such as health and safety or job information. 

Colour codes and icons create an engaging interface while making navigation as easy as possible. 

Mobile form job scheduling

Job Scheduling

Assign jobs to your workforce quickly and easily

Effortlessly manage both historical and future jobs within the back-office application. 

  • Schedule jobs to your mobile workforce using the drag and drop tool
  • View jobs awaiting scheduling
  • View assigned jobs 
  • Issue any changes to scheduled jobs
  • Allocate mobile forms to users multiple times if the job occurs regularly

The scheduler will give you complete control; the right user will receive the right forms, at the right time. 

The calendar function makes it easy to identify which staff members are available, so you can reallocate jobs quickly - helping to keep completion dates on track. 

Mobile form collections


Speed-up form building and maintain consistency

This feature allows you to create a list of items to use in drop-down answer fields within a mobile form. Pre-populated Collections speed-up form-building and minimise human error. Just select the required Collection instead of typing a list of answers. 

Data capture is more consistent because mobile workers can select the answer supplied by the business, rather than typing an incorrect variation. Consistent responses make data analysis simple and more effective. 

Edit a Collection at any time, and the changes will automatically apply to any form or workflow where they are in use - removing the need for editing individual forms. 

Submissions dashboard for mobile forms


View and export submissions

When a mobile worker synchronises the Formulate app from their mobile device, their completed jobs and forms will land in the Submissions tab. 

Here you will find a list of all the jobs you have received. Select a job from the list to view the associated submissions.

Data is accessible in real-time, and you can export submissions for further processing.

Contact Address book for mobile form software

Store Your Contacts

Your electronic address book

Store the information for your contacts, customers and suppliers within the contact address book. 

Insert any relevant contact information to a job during the scheduling process, so it is accessible to your workforce.

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