How Roocroft save time

with mobile forms software

We started working with Roocroft in spring 2019, and assisted the company with its transition from paper processes to mobile forms software. 

We identified that Roocroft needed a mobile system and a bespoke Formulate package. The software needed to improve data collection and enhance quality assurance with the ability to send out completion packs to clients. 

How Mobile Forms Benefit Roocroft


Reduced costs by minimising paper processes


Live feedback has significantly decreased turnaround times between office and field-based tasks 


QA information can be sent to the client quickly with digital processes

About Roocroft 

Roocroft Road Restraint Systems were established in 1978 and have an expert team of more than 40 employees who carry out slip formed safety barriers, bridge parapets and general fencing works on Britain’s roads. 

With over 40 years’ experience in the highways industry, they have an excellent reputation and deliver successful projects with their professional and flexible approach. 

The Challenges of Paper Processes

Roocroft needed to combat certain obstacles within their workflow that related to paper processes:

  1. Missing, illegible or incomplete forms - paperwork can be hard to manage when you’re constantly on the move and it can easily go astray while the mobile worker is on-site.
  2. Long turnaround times - when mobile workers are on the road, it can take up to seven days for their paperwork to arrive at the office for further processing.  

Roocroft wanted to adopt a faster and simpler method of working to make data capture more efficient while saving time throughout the workflow to improve customer service. 

Tablet with mobile forms app

The Solution

Mobile Form Software

We used Formulate to build Roocroft a bespoke mobile forms software solution. It’s designed to enable a flexible way of creating an unlimited number of digital forms, which are unique to Roocroft and its business objectives. Plus, digital forms are synchronised to the cloud-based desktop application where the data is stored safely and securely.   

Another important factor for Roocroft was simplicity. It was essential for the software to be effortlessly integrated into the workforce’s daily operations. Formulate has a simple drag and drop form builder, and the mobile app has a user-friendly interface; so managers and field-based staff can operate the software easily. 

Formulate enables Roocroft to send completion packs to their clients directly from the field. Turning this operation into a digital process eliminates the need for workers to return their paperwork to the office for processing. This dramatically reduces turnaround times and means that customers can receive instant updates regarding quality assurance and job completion.

Tablet displaying mobile forms

The Results

Increased productivity, reduced costs

Roocroft started seeing measurable results soon after the implementation of Formulate.

  • Mobile form software decreases turnaround times by up to seven days because digital documents can be accessed instantly; it also reduces administrative tasks associated with the paper equivalents. 
  • Formulate increases on-site productivity because job information can be updated via the back-office app and deployed quickly to mobile workers, which eliminates interruptions in the field.
  • Utilising mobile forms enables a significant reduction in the costs associated with paper and printing. 

Lee's Thoughts

Below, Lee Robinson, Commercial Director at Roocroft gives more details of the benefits Formulate has brought to the business.

“We have found the new system to be more efficient. ‘Paperwork’ can be sent to the client electronically as soon as the job is completed, which speeds up the process of delivering any QA information. 

“Formulate removes the delay in receiving paperwork from the site, transcribing or scanning all the documents and sending the details via email. This process can take as long as a week depending on whether the scheme involves our gangs working away as we have to wait for them to return to the office.

“Any drawings or paperwork can be updated instantly and sent directly to the workforce via email, which reduces the waiting time for information and stops any disruptions on-site.

“Additionally, the mobile form software reduces the amount of paper we use in the office, cuts down on storage and mitigates the risk of any paperwork getting lost on site. We’ve already seen noticeable changes.”

Roocroft continues to use Formulate as part of its mobile workforce management strategy and it remains beneficial to their workers and business processes. 

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