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Triangle's Reach is a fully extendable system with pre-made and bespoke modules to enable almost any conceivable business function on your mobile device.

The Mobile software has been developed to take advantage of the features available with the latest smart phones and tablets (large touch screens, GPS, cameras etc). The mobile platform has its own API so it can be integrated with back office software developed by Triangle or 3rd party software providers.

The Reach mobile workforce app runs on Android OS or Windows mobile and includes the modules below. 

Reach - Triangle's Mobile workforce software

Mobile job management


This module allows jobs created in the back office to be sent to a mobile user. Jobs can contain many forms of information, including text, images, documents and sound files. The user will be able to view, modify and complete these jobs using the mobile device.

Secure and robust synchronisation allows the job information to be sent to and received from the mobile user even where the mobile signal is intermittent.


The checklist and risk assessment module ensures operatives carry out checks before starting work e.g. vehicle or machinery checks, and onsite health and safety or risk assessments. These can be set as a mandatory requirement, stopping any other functionality until the checks are completed. These check lists are fully definable by your staff in the back office (subject to user permissions).

Method statements & Guidelines

Toolbox talks, method statements, standard operating procedures and any other company documentation can be attached to the job for viewing on site.


Mobile staff can use the camera on the mobile device to take any number of photographs which will be linked to the job and synchronised back to the office system.

Accident and incident recording

Details and photographs of any accident or other notifiable incident can be recorded. Date and time stamps, user ID and GPS tag are all recorded and linked to the incident. All of this information is available to the back office.

Signature capture

If required, the system can capture signatures. These might be from customers, job sign-offs, time sheets etc. Date and time stamps, User ID and GPS tag are all stored linked to the signature.

Time management

This module allows the mobile user to clock in and out of any jobs, allowing the central application to monitor the amount of time spent on a job. All information is submitted back to the office.


The mobile workforce app integrates with the Reach cloud based back-office software for complete back office processing of Orders and Jobs. The back-office functions include:

  • Create Customers and Contracts
  • Producing / Editing Forms ready for the tablet
  • Scheduling of jobs - assign work force and vehicles and send to mobile devices.
  • Set up Work Instructions 
  • Equipment lists
  • Set up and maintain briefing documents, such as Toolbox Talks / Method Statements
  • Timesheets
  • Receive completed job information back into the office. 


Each day, all Works Instructions that are ready to be scheduled appear on the board as shown.  Users can drag and drop resources (operatives and vehicles) onto to each Works Instruction.  There is usually one per gang/crew. 
Further enhancements to show who is available or not can be implemented and views can be changed to show which Contracts need work doing or by Operative to show who is free. Records of this schedule can be kept as a daily diary. 
Colours are used to show different states of a job, for example, unscheduled is red, scheduled is gold, checks completed is yellow, onsite is green and completed instruction is lilac

A Works Instruction on the scheduler is displayed as below.  However, you can change the information that is displayed here to be Job Number, Contract Name etc... 
There is also an option to drill into the Works Instruction so details can be changed before it is sent to the tablet. 
The size of each Works Instruction and the size of the board can be modified to suit your internal layout, whether that be on a screen, or projected on to other devices such as TV’s or whiteboards. 

Bespoke development

In addition to this mobile workforce software, we carry out bespoke development, on the mobile and desk top application, and also, we can integrate this software with your existing systems. 

Triangle Software is a software development company based in Cheshire and Hemel Hempstead, we use the latest technologies to develop bespoke mobile business applications for smart phones and tablet devices (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android). We also provide client/server application and database development, to ensure that our mobile applications are fully integrated with your back-office processes to deliver the complete business solution.

These are just some of the modules available for use. It is also possible for us to create bespoke modules that cater uniquely to your business needs.