Improving Compliance

with mobile workforce management software | Clancy TM

We started working with Clancy’s traffic management department in 2017 and assisted with the development and implementation of a bespoke mobile workforce management system. 

Clancy planned to move away from paper processes and modernise their business.

How does Mobile Workforce Management Software Benefit Clancy?

Enforced Compliance

Regimented workflows ensure operatives comply with procedures

Paper Cost Savings

Removed approx. 5000 pieces of paper per week

Increased Productivity

Reduced lengthy admin processes & boosted productivity

About Clancy

Clancy is one of the UK’s largest, privately-owned construction firms. Established in 1958, Clancy has over 60 years of experience and a workforce exceeding 2,500 employees.  

They work across many sectors from water and energy to infrastructure and traffic management.

The Challenges of the Previous Processes

As recently as five years ago, Clancy’s traffic management department was still heavily reliant on paper processes. 

The department consisted of 10 depots and was continuing to expand. They identified that transitioning to digital working would streamline their workflows, boost compliance and increase the visibility of their operatives and day-to-day activities.  

Clancy were reliant on operatives completing paperwork in full and they were keen to streamline their current paperwork and make administrative processes quicker for their operatives. 

It took longer to evidence that jobs were meeting the regulations set by external organisations, which could potentially lead to financial penalties. 

Clancy required a software solution with the ability to create auditable trails throughout the workflow.

The Solution

Mobile Workforce Management Software

We designed Clancy a cost-effective, bespoke mobile workforce management system. The software includes:

  • A centralised back-office application for managers to schedule and deploy jobs to their workforce and;
  • A simple mobile app for operatives to collect data on-site.

One of the most appealing features is the ability to enforce compliance by creating regimented workflows that facilitate the collection of accurate data. 

The mobile workforce management software also provides Clancy with better visibility of their day-to-day operations. Deeper insights allow managers to streamline their workflows and improve workforce productivity.

The Results 

Better compliance, paper savings, increased visibility and analysis

Paper Savings 

With an average of 5 pieces of paper per task and around 1000 tasks a week, Clancy has eliminated approximately 20,000 pieces of paper a month. The removal of paper processes results in substantial cost savings from paper, printing and administration.  

Going digital also means that Clancy have reduced their carbon footprint because they are doing less miles. Operatives no longer have to travel back and forth to their depots to collect and deliver their paperwork. 

Clancy's highways sector has transferred the majority of their paperwork into a digital format. Each form is available from a smart device so job information can be passed instantly between head office and the field and stored in a central location.

Boost Compliance 

Creating systematic workflows empowers operatives to follow a set of tasks in the right order to ensure they follow regulatory procedures. Meanwhile, the back-office provides managers with full visibility so they can identify if operatives are following the workflows correctly.  

Mandatory fields ensure each answer is populated before the operative can submit the digital form. Paperwork cannot go missing and Clancy can capture all of the essential details they need to stay compliant. Each digital form is saved securely in the cloud and is accessible at any time for review, processing or analysis. 

Reduced Costs 

The ability to provide evidence to challenge any potential section 74s and Fixed Penalty Notices.

Software features, such as photographs and timestamps mean operatives can document that a job is finished and they have cleared the site. This information can be used in the event of a client dispute to demonstrate the job was completed in-line with regulations. 

Improved Client Communication 

Real-time access to data allows Clancy to deliver job information to their clients promptly. Photographic evidence can be attached to the mobile form and downloaded directly from the back-office application; this eliminates the need for more time-consuming processes, such as sending the image via email. 

Enhanced Visibility 

Mobile workforce management software provides Clancy with better visibility of their operatives’ day-to-day activities. Managers can easily spot gaps in the workflow and effortlessly alter the job schedule. Further, the centralised database gives clear visibility of each depot, so it is easy to identify how to increase cross depot coverage. 

The holistic approach means any scheduling changes are sent to the operatives automatically, ensuring that the workforce is working at optimum capacity and job completions stay on track.

Saved time 

Digital data collection has increased the productivity of admin staff as they have eliminated printing, transcribing, scanning and data entry. 

Has Mobile Workforce Management Software Helped Business Continuity during COVID-19?

The software has helped Clancy throughout the pandemic by enabling both remote and socially distanced working. Job information can be distributed and collected in a contactless manner using laptops and smart devices. 

Managers have been able to audit jobs while working from home as all job documentation is accessible via the cloud-based management system. 

Andrew’s Thoughts 

Below, Andrew Manning, Traffic Management Planning and Performance Manager at Clancy gives us more details about the benefits of mobile workforce management software. 

“It was imperative that we had a user-friendly, workable app for our operatives and overall the software has been well received by all our depots across the UK.

“We chose Triangle as our software vendor because they could offer a cost-effective solution that we could tailor to our exact requirements. They have created bespoke elements to help us capture the information we need. 

“The software has helped us to streamline our workflows and has revolutionised the way we work as a business.

“One of the most appealing features for us was the ability to enforce compliance and bring consistency to our procedures. Our operatives can now follow regimented workflows. We can create auditable trails to quantify what we’ve got out on the roads and see what resources we have at our disposal.

“We can easily review the standards of the work and export the data for further analysis and reporting.

“It also gives added value to our customers as we can extract the data and then use it to provide reports and dashboards to our clients.”

Clancy continues to use mobile workforce management software within their traffic management department and it remains beneficial to their workers and processes. They have plans to implement software updates in the future. 

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