Mobile Workforce Management

A mobile workforce

What is a mobile workforce?

A mobile workforce is a group of employees that conduct their job outside of a traditional office environment. 

A mobile worker may simply conduct an office-based role from home or a shared workspace. But the term also encompasses field-based operations, for industries that deliver, maintain or repair a product or service. Examples include sales consultants, repair and maintenance, facilities management, construction, utilities and telecommunications. 

The accessibility of mobile devices and innovative technology provides more flexibility, which is making mobile working easier than ever before. The global mobile workforce is due to reach 1.87bn people by 2022. 

What is mobile workforce management?

Mobile workforce management refers to the management of mobile or field-based employees. It’s an end-to-end approach that considers every element of the process, from job planning to post-completion analysis. 

Businesses implement mobile workforce management software to integrate their processes and make positive, data-driven decisions. It also empowers employees to fulfil their role as efficiently as possible, as mobile workflows guide them through their working day.

Mobile workforce management software on desktop, tablet and mobile

What is mobile workforce management software?

A mobile workforce management solution is a cloud-based software application that connects field-based workers, office staff and customers.

Field-service managers can schedule jobs, deploy job information and customer details, track progress and analyse data using a desktop back-office application. The mobile workforce can view, collect and share information with head office directly from their smart device. 

These solutions are designed to help businesses collect valuable data that is accessible in real-time. It can enhance communication between the office and the field, and increase productivity throughout the workflow. 

Why should you invest in mobile workforce management software?

Many businesses with a mobile workforce are reliant on paper processes, but making the transition to mobile workforce management software will bring lots of benefits to your organisation.

Efficiency cog

Improve efficiency and save time

Sustainability graph

Increase sustainability

Pound sign

Boost your bottom line

Productivity graph

Increase productivity in the field & office


Enhance security

Speech bubbles

Strengthen compliance

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What are the challenges of mobile workforce management?

There are many obstacles to overcome when managing a mobile workforce, many of which occur daily. Mobile workforce management software can help managers to conquer these issues. 

Schedule adherence can be tricky to maintain when you’re on the road. Mobile workers spend a lot of time travelling between job locations and sitting in traffic jams. Unplanned setbacks can result in job delays. If they arrive late to a job it can impact first-time fix rate and leave customers feeling dissatisfied with the service, which isn’t good for business. 

Mobile workforce management software provides an efficient scheduling system. All scheduled jobs are accessible from a single location, making it easy for managers to evaluate employee availability and react to on-site problems quickly. 

Employee engagement is a common problem within a mobile workforce due to the nature of the job. Working away from an office environment can make mobile workers feel disconnected from the business. Mobile workforce management software can help bridge the gap as information is passed between office and field service employees in real-time. Keeping everyone connected boosts inclusivity and employee engagement. 

Lack of information is another barrier that can be overcome using mobile workforce management software. Incomplete job details can cause a drop in productivity and leaves mobile workers unable to do their job. 

Equip your workforce with all the information they need with mobile workforce software. As well as providing customer and job information, you can include attachments such as handbooks, instructions and risk assessments.

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Why are some businesses reluctant to adopt mobile workforce management software?

Mobile workforce management software is becoming increasingly popular as businesses of all sizes acknowledge how the benefits allow their company to improve their processes and stay ahead of the competition. But some businesses have doubts that prevent them from making the jump. 

New technology can be daunting and your workforce may be reluctant to embrace new ways of working. But rest assured that mobile workforce management by Triangle ensures that software implementation is hassle-free. Both the desktop and mobile applications have a user-friendly interface and are simple to use and navigate. Your workforce has everything they need at their fingertips from a single location.

Another concern is the cost of investing in mobile workforce management software. Although there is an initial set-up cost, cloud-based mobile software is very cost-effective.

Fuel costs

Your mobile workforce will do fewer trips to the office to collect and deliver their paperwork

Less paper

Your business will spend significantly less on paper and printing

Save Time

Less administrative duties means your workforce can use their time more productively, allowing you to save money on wages and salaries

Mobile Workforce Management Solutions by Triangle Software

At Triangle, we have been helping businesses adopt digital processes for nearly 30 years. Our experience has taught us the challenges faced by a mobile workforce. So we used our understanding to create software solutions that make mobile workforce management uncomplicated and problem-free.

Each of our mobile workforce management solutions are fully customisable and can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your business. 

Reach, is our end-to-end mobile workforce management software. It covers all of your business processes from start to finish, from quotes and sales orders through to invoicing and credit notes, as well as mobile workflows, CRM systems and more. 

If your business needs a simpler solution, then Formulate is the software for you. Mobile forms eliminate paper processes from your workflow. It’s designed to enhance communication between office and field-based staff and empower intelligent data capture. 

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