Purchase Order Processing

Integrated order management systems

There are many different invoicing and purchase order software solutions out there, all with different strengths and weaknesses. So how do you decide which is the right solution for you?

Very few of the solutions available, however, are going to fit the bigger picture of helping your unique business survive in a changing marketplace. You need to carefully judge what type of software application solution will fit your individual needs now, consider how it will integrate with the rest of your company, and how adaptable it will be in the future.

Many companies are caught out by imminent changes that shift the entire marketplace in a different direction, leaving them behind their competitors. You’ll know that manual processes can result in errors and mistakes. An order management software system can be fully integrated so that staff never have to enter data twice. Your stock inventory, customer contacts, accounting and purchasing should all work in perfect harmony.

Purchase order software should:-

  • Manage orders from multiple channels
  • Reduce manual operations
  • Allow you to ship items faster
  • Allow full visibility of all orders
  • Be integrated with your back office operations and systems

Automating the purchasing function of your business, and reducing error through manual input will help you minimise your overall costs. We all know that purchasing can have several complex stages – from supplier approval, matching invoices and orders to ordering the supplies. Whether your customers make an order in –store, over the phone, in-store, via your website or mobile app, Triangle can help to integrate all your sales channels. A fully integrated purchase order software should handle your entire process.

So, if you are concerned about off the shelf systems not matching your requirements, talk to us – we’ve been helping customers simplify their processes for nearly 30 years.  

No more worrying about errors, no more time wasted duplicating information or transferring data, no more manual reformatting to get your systems to talk to one another. A custom development could be the answer to ensure that your specific company needs are addressed correctly. It means you will have an integrated software solution that will help you remain competitive and give you that vital edge over your competition.

See how we have helped Keele University, Service Metals and many more organisations like Grimsby FMA with their purchasing software systems.

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