Sales order processing plus

Mosaic, is our cloud based business software service. Covering sales order processing plus much more, it is modular and scalable, suitable for one man businesses, right up to SME's.

The pick and mix approach allows you to select exactly which modules you require from a comprehensive selection of business-centric options. Additional modules can be added at any time, or removed if required. All modules can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and additional bespoke modules can be added in the unlikely event that the current list does not cover your requirements.

The following sections outline the scope of the modules available, the full module list can be found on the Mosaic modules (coming soon!).


Organisations: Record details of any organisation that you do, or may do, business with; Customers, prospective customers, suppliers, prospective suppliers etc. Options include multiple postal addresses, multiple individual contacts per organisation, notes and encounter details plus much more. Attach any number of documents or other files to each organisation.

Customers: Record additional details specifically about customers; Options include credit arrangements, currency preferences, special delivery instructions etc.

Suppliers: Record additional details specifically about suppliers; Options include credit arrangements, currency preferences, delivery instructions etc.

Contacts: Record details and contact information about specific people who work for an organisation. Options include notes, actions and calendar items attached to specific individuals.

Sales order processing

Quotes: Create multi-line quotations to customers, lines can be service or products (see products below). Options include auto emailing, printing to pdf, quotation tracking, notes, actions and calendar items attached to specific quotes.

Sales orders: Create multi-line sales orders to customers, lines can be service or products (see products below). Options include conversions from quotes, multiple delivery dates, auto emailing, printing to pdf, notes, actions and calendar items attached to specific sales orders.

Products: Create and maintain a product library for use on quotations, sales orders and purchase orders. Options include product pricing, multiple quantity discounts, customer specific pricing, product details including specification pdf's and images, multiple units (eg pack quantities), unit conversions and more.

Manufacturing & Conversion

Bills of materials: Create one product from two or more other products. Options include assembly order, assembly resources (machines, staff etc). Use the BoM to create works order (see below), or as a 'kit' for sales orders.

Manufacturing Works orders: Create and manage works orders to produce new products from one or more BoM's. Options include the use of stocked and non-stocked products (consumables).

Mobile Works orders: Create, manage and assign works orders to mobile workers or crews. 

Mobile workforce

Sign in/out: Monitor work times & time sheets for the day, shift or per works order.

Works orders: Send works order instructions to mobile workers. Options include map reference, pdf instructions, checklists, images, forms (see below)

Forms: Create forms to be filled in on the tablet. Fully user configurable (by back office staff) including all common data types (text, option list, yes/no, numeric), field validation, conditional branching. Completed forms are returned electronically to the back office for analysis or printing (pdf) for the customer.

Confirmation notes: Receive confirmation of work done; auto sync to back office software. Options include customer signatures, GPS tags, photographs, notes of additional work etc.

Remote sync: Synchronise works orders in both directions. Tablet will store work until wifi (or 3G/4G) signal is available.

Stock control

Goods in: Manage all goods inwards including purchase orders, completed works orders, returns. Options include batch control.

Picking: Create and manage picking sheets for sales order or manufacturing.

Goods out: Manage all goods outbound including sales orders, works orders into production, supplier returns.

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Warehouse locations: Multiple warehouse locations, stock locations within each warehouse.

Barcoding: Monitor product movements via barcode readers. Options include supplier barcodes, internal barcodes, barcode printing, stock location barcodes

Quality control

Inbound quarantine: Quality checks based on rules (random, proportion, calendar based), quarantined stock locations, returns management.

Sales returns quarantine: Check sales returns, return to stock or quarantine. Manage returns to supplier.


Sales Invoices: Create sales invoices. Options include auto email, print to pdf, post to accounts

Purchase invoices: Match purchase invoices to goods in records. Options include post to accounts