Triangle Software

Sales Order Processing Software

Ensuring you customer experience is pleasant and simple throughout your sales process means that customers are more likely to complete a purchase and return again.

With over 25 years of providing sales order processing software for our clients, Triangle Software are well qualified to help you with your SOP requirements.

Automation of sales order processing can make a significant impact your profitability; it cuts down the cost of processing orders and speeds up the customer lead times by up to 50%. Good software solutions and order management software can help solve errors perpetuated by manually handling of sales orders, and should help you increase the amount of information that you hold about your customers.

Having good data on current sales trends can help you distinguish what products are selling well and which items should no longer be stocked. The beauty of bespoke software, which is engineered and customised specifically (just for you), is that you have a solution that fits your needs, solves your problems and caters to the intricacies of your field. Let the software do the hard work for you – with automated processing of your sales order data and invoice software, consolidated into one place, your bespoke software allows you to use that data to make key decisions about where you want to take your business.

“Simplicity is the prerequisite for reliability”

Staff are empowered to answer customer queries, resolve issues and to track down orders, making the entire process fast and pleasant for both customer and staff. With complicated processes simplified, you have more time on your hands. Isn’t it time you gave yourself room to grow?

We have developed sales order processing software for many clients including Service Metals and Lafarge Tarmac’s sales order processing system.