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We don’t need to tell you that running a smart warehousing operation with a stock control application can dramatically decrease your costs.

By reducing mistakes, limiting returns and damage –  as well as increase capacity without needing to increase your space. Triangle’s software development resources can help you with your Stock Control Software requirements to ensure that only the stock you need is held, and that new stock comes in as soon as existing stock is shipped out – automatically signalling when more products need to be put on the shelf from the stockroom.

Web-based stock control software means that you can get access across your whole network of warehouses, offices or other business locations. Easy transfer of data, in real time, between locations allows for shipments and stock transfers to be where you need it when you need it; and give staff the latest up to date information from your warehouse team, to your sales team.

See how we developed stock control software to help Gradus and CHEP manage their stock control issue.

Make sure that your business is on the ball and ready to respond to the fast pace of today’s changing marketplaces.

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