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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution

An ERP system connects all the different aspects of your organisation to facilitate a holistic approach to business management. It’s a cloud-based software service that gives you real-time visibility of each operational process in your business. 

Mosaic includes a comprehensive set of business-centric modules so you can use a pick and mix approach to select the software you need to enhance your workflows. Mosaic evolves alongside your business - add extra modules at any time, or remove existing modules if they are no longer required.

We understand that every business is different, so we can tailor any module to meet your requirements. 

Or, if you need something unique, we can build a bespoke module to fulfil your needs. 

CRM System

CRM System

Effortlessly manage customer data

A customer relationship management (CRM) system helps your business manage customer data. Use the software to store your customers' contact information and make a record of any communication. 

It helps you keep track of customer communications and improve the relationship between business to consumer. CRM systems can also store data about organisations, suppliers and contacts. 

Integrating your CRM with other software modules can save a lot of time throughout the business. All your customer information is available from a centralised location. This eliminates duplicate data entry, so there is no need to transfer data from one system to another. 

Our CRM module allows you to store the following information about your customers and contacts:

  • Multiple postal addresses and contact details per person
  • Add multiple contacts per organisation 
  • Attach an unlimited number of documents to contacts
  • Full transaction history including, sales, deliveries, returns, purchases (for suppliers), invoices and credits
  • Make notes regarding credit agreements, currency preferences, delivery instructions etc. 
  • Include notes, actions and calendar items attached to specific individuals
Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing

Streamline your operations

Sales order processing includes all the operations required to fulfil a customer’s purchase. From quotes to product catalogues, it streamlines the order process so you can deliver as efficiently and accurately as possible. 

This module enables you to create multi-line quotations and sales orders for your customers. It can automate emails, print to PDF and includes quotation tracking. You can also attach notes, actions and calendar items to specific quotes or sales orders. 

Utilise the product library to add specific product information to quotations, sales orders and purchase orders. 

Our sales order processing module has powerful functionality that can manage:

  • Product pricing
  • Multiple quantity discounts
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Product details including specification PDFs and images
  • Multiple units (e.g. pack quantities)
  • Unit conversions and more
Manufacturing & Conversion

Manufacturing & Conversion

Empower efficient processes

The manufacturing and conversion module empowers an efficient manufacturing process. 

Using the centralised system, you can create a list of items needed to manufacture a product, otherwise known as Bills of Materials (BoM). Include information such as assembly order or assembly resources (machines, staff etc.), and create works or sales orders. 

The manufacturing module also has, but is not limited to, the following capabilities:

  • Manufacturing works orders: Create and manage works orders to produce new products from one or more BoMs. Options include the use of stocked and non-stocked products.
  • Mobile works orders: Create, manage and assign works orders to mobile workers or crews.
Stock control

Stock control

Accurate inventory management

This module enables full visibility of your stock levels, so you know exactly how much you have available to sell. Accurate stock control is imperative to fulfilling customer orders without mistakes or delay.  

A centralised stock control system ensures all of your teams have access to the same information - eliminating duplicate data entry and miscommunication between departments. 

The stock control system allows you to manage:

  • Goods in: Manage all goods including, purchase orders, completed works orders, returns. Options include batch control.
  • Picking: Create and manage picking sheets for sales order or manufacturing.
  • Goods out: Manage all outbound goods including, sales orders, works orders into production, supplier returns.
  • Warehouse locations: Store information from multiple warehouse locations and the stock locations within each warehouse.
  • Barcoding: Use a barcode reader to monitor product movements. Options include supplier barcodes, internal barcodes, barcode printing and stock location barcodes.
Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

Improve workforce visibility

If you have a mobile workforce, this is the right module for your business. The software improves workforce visibility and streamlines workflows to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

This module includes a back-office application for office-based workers and a mobile application for the mobile workforce. The applications synchronise in both directions, and the mobile application will store work until a wifi (or 3G/4G) signal is available.

The mobile workforce systems work together to enable the following functionality:

  • Timesheets: Create digital timesheets to monitor work times, shifts or per works order
  • Works orders: Send works order instructions to mobile workers that are accessible from a smart device. Within works orders, you can include map reference, PDF instructions, checklists, images and more. 
  • Mobile forms: Transfer your paperwork into mobile forms that are accessible from a smart device. Each form is fully user-configurable using the back-office system. Once a user submits a form, the application syncs electronically with the back-office, where the information is available for further processing.
  • Confirmation notes: Receive confirmation of work done; this information is auto-synced to the back-office system. Your workforce can collect electronic signatures, GPS tags, photographs and additional notes relating to the job.  
Quality Control

Quality Control

Better management of costs & efficiency

The quality control module empowers greater visibility of your inbound quarantine and sales returns. This module ensures that your products meet the correct quality standards. 

Monitoring your operational processes, and the overall output, can help your business to identify strengths and weaknesses within your workflows. Further, it facilitates better management of costs and efficiency. 

Take complete control of your quality checks by creating rules and parameters; for example, random, proportion and calendar-based. Plus, it can be utilised to monitor quarantined stock locations, and returns management. 

Quality Control also facilitates quality control checks for sales return quarantine:

  • Check sales returns
  • Return items to stock or to quarantine
  • Returns to suppliers


Create sales invoices & purchase orders

So, you are approaching the end of your sales cycle - the last thing to do is invoice your customer for the product or service they have received. 

With the invoicing module, you can create both sales invoices and purchase orders; options include email automation, print to PDF and post to accounts. It can also match purchase invoices to goods in records. 

We can also integrate Mosaic with accounting software, such as:

  • Sage 50
  • Sage 200
  • Quickbooks 
  • And many others, including bespoke solutions.

These are our most popular modules, but please contact us for a full list of ERP software modules. 

Learn more about ERP systems on our resource page.

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