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Case Study – Mobile Solution – Wilson & Scott

With operational teams based throughout the UK, Wilson & Scott suffered historically from the difficulties of managing and reporting information to and from their teams. They recognised that they needed a mobile application to improve the operational efficiency of the business.

Wilson and Scott were established in 1952 and have grown to become one of the largest Line Marking companies in the UK today. The business owns and runs over 50 Line Painting vehicles and employs over 100 staff.

With over 60 years’ experience in Line Marking Roads, Highways and Car Parks, Wilson and Scott have built an impressive reputation as a reliable and conscientious supplier of Line Marking solutions to a diverse range of industries.

Over the years the principal means of supplying paperwork to their teams and receiving back completed documents was via the postal system. By eliminating the vast amount of paperwork that used to be posted to and from the teams and handled by office and management, a mobile application solution was required to remove the duplicate entry of data on the road and in the office as well as stop the loss of paperwork in vehicles.

Wilson & Scott also required a mobile solution that would enable an instant efficient standardised communication with the entire workforce, reduce client disputes over work conducted, standardise staff DRS (Daily Record Sheets) and have the ability to distribute specific Health & Safety bulletins as well as safety critical instructions that could be acknowledged as read and understood.

They also needed to ensure that data capture was completed before the commencement of work, and all job-critical data was captured and recorded before the submission of worksheets.

In 2012 Wilson & Scott introduced an electronic reporting system for all their operational teams across the UK. Triangle developed a complementary mobile application on the android platform to enable the use of tablets and smartphones to receive and send data between the office and the operational teams.

The tablet devices and software were rolled out to charge hands from June 2012 to December 2012. The initial batch of 12 tablets has now grown to 44.
The Triangle Software KDO mobile app development software was integrated with their back office Management Information System to create a seamless electronic, paperless system from customer enquiry through estimating, orders, delivery, recording, invoicing and accounts fulfilment solution.

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“The difference between a good and a poor architect is that a poor architect succumbs to every temptation and the good one resists it”

Triangle’s KDO mobile application tablet system has not only ensured the completion of safety critical data but has helped to almost eliminate client disputes over the measure of work done. Clients can verify a worker’s qualifications and training by viewing them on the tablet, together with the handling and storage of vehicle defects, risk assessments, client’s orders work instructions and H&S data which are now visible to all who need them remotely.

The system also tracks the location of the tablet and any discrepancies with the reported location and/or the location of the vehicle can be interrogated. This ensures that the management team is fully aware of the location and safety of their workers.

The bespoke mobile software has provided instant and improved communications with staff and clients. With the addition of RSS feeds, management can ensure that any road traffic incidents are communicated immediately to staff, reducing overheads and improving efficiency.

Prior to the implementation of custom software in June 2012 the payroll processing procedure for weekly paid staff needed 2 full-time staff to collate and process large quantities of paperwork. Since the introduction of the software solution, paid staff numbers have increased by 53% and the payroll is now completed by one person in a single day.

In the first full year of use, the Wilson & Scott Tablet System showed a 5% reduction in labour costs on a like-for-like basis. They have had 100% staff buy-in and staff satisfaction and have only lost one of over 44 devices to theft.

Bespoke software tailored to your specific requirements

Key Benefits

  • Providing clients with a much-improved service – changes to jobs onsite recorded instantly.
  • Job photo capture and recorded signature sign-offs, including the recording of waiting and delays.
  • The elimination of “lost” paperwork.
  • Instant product Stock-take facilities, with calculations of product usage. 
  • On-line completion of all safety critical data sheets -as the system demands completion before work commences.
  • Improved road worker safety, by the completion of H&S and vehicle compliance checklists.
  • Improved management control of crews.
  • Elimination of client disagreements over measures of work done. 
  • Greatly reduced paper filing and archiving needs.

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