Give 'em Hell

10 February 2014

Still using that old, out-of-date software that doesn’t really cover your needs?

You intended to replace it, but the old one still works so it’s just not a priority; and now with things the way they are, it’s looking like it’ll happen when Hell freezes over.

Well now it has: the town of Hell, Michigan that is.

Hell Michigan Frozen Polar Vortex

As the polar vortex moves over the North American continent, bringing temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius, perhaps we can all finally get around to doing the things we said we’d put off until Hell froze over.

Now, I may be making jokes about the weather, but using software that no longer fits your work-flow is no joke. When winter comes we often find the weaknesses in many of our systems. Our boiler breaks down, our car won’t start, the pipes freeze, and all of a sudden those little things we didn’t get fixed add up to a potential disaster.

In business it is no different.

When the going was good, it allowed us to ignore the inefficiencies and shortcomings with our current software systems. But when things got harder it started to highlight where time and money were being lost. Just like putting winter tyres on your car, you need the right fit for the conditions in which you now operate.

Triangle can help you with bespoke software that fits your needs, without paying extra for the things you don’t. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost more than buying a standard programme. Tough conditions?

With software that works, you can give them hell.