Let your business software ideas fly

07 May 2014

Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, the drone start-up that makes high-flying robots which was previously scoped by Facebook as a potential acquisition target.

The details of the purchase weren’t disclosed, but the deal comes after Facebook disclosed its own purchase of a UK based competitor, Ascenta.

Titan Aerospace Drone

Both Ascenta and Titan Aerospace are in the business of high altitude drones, which cruise nearer the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and provide tech that could be integral to blanketing the globe in cheap, omnipresent Internet connectivity to help bring remote areas online. Considering that the technology is so ground-breaking, it’s not surprising that Facebook would want to use it to get more people online. However it seems that the buyout has come at just the right time.

That’s not all the Titan drones can help Google with, however. The company’s robots also take high-quality images in real-time that could help with Maps initiatives, as well as contribute to things like “disaster relief” and addressing “deforestation,” a Google spokesperson said. The main goal, however, is likely spreading the potential reach of Google and its network, which is Facebook’s aim, too. When you saturate your market and you’re among the world’s most wealthy companies, you don’t go into maintenance mode; you build new ones.

It’s a common mistake in economic downturns for companies to implement cost-saving measures that hit the research and development budget, when in fact that is exactly the time that you want to be ahead of your competitors. Britain’s greatest era, the industrial revolution, thrived because people were willing to invest in new ideas that could pay future dividends. Facebook has understood this and continues to innovate in a time when others are saying their era is over.

As the market around you changes, you need to grasp new ideas and opportunities. Take a look at your current software and ask yourself:

“Does this let me move forward?”

If it’s holding you back from integrating your processes and reaching new markets then perhaps you need to invest in something modern, flexible and future-proof.

Triangle can create custom software that not only meets your business needs now, but the ones for the future. With the future sorted, you can let your ideas take wing.

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