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Mobile forms - the advantages over paper

08 April 2020

Today, we are pleased to announce Formulate, our new, mobile forms software.

Formulate is the result of years of development of mobile forms apps for our bespoke software clients, plus decades of experience in back-office software.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting a series of article on Formulate, the first 7 of which will look at the advantages of digital forms compared to their paper equivalents. The topics we will cover include:

  1. Speed - Distribute new and receive completed forms quickly
  2. Accuracy - Use forms validation to prevent errors, and reactive forms to ensure all information is captured. 
  3. Richer information - Record photographs and GPS locations
  4. Reduce errors - Prevent transcribing errors in the back-office
  5. Prevent lost forms - No more lost paper forms in the back of your crew's cab!
  6. Spread the load - Use the virtual inbox to allow several back office staff to process forms.
  7. Location independent - The location of your back-office staff can be anywhere.

The first article can be found here - Mobile forms - the speed advantages over paper