Mobile is About to Go Mainstream - Trend for 2014

07 January 2014

Every website needs to be optimised for mobile devices in 2014. This means having a "responsive design" and thinking about how people interact with your business via their mobile should be one of your top priorities.

(Responsive design is a fancy term for a website that looks natural and functions naturally in the mobile format. Think about bigger font, easier forms and calls to action. It needs to read easily on your phone and people need to interact with it – that’s the bottom line...)

To demonstrate the principal, use your mouse to resize the browser window that you are viewing this in and watch the site change dynamically!

So as a business it's time to make the switch to a mobile site if you haven't yet, and think about ways that you can get in front of your customers through their phone. Yes, this includes Mobile Apps, SMS, and emails that are designed to be viewed on your mobile phone.