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The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software

24 September 2020

Mobile workforce management software is designed to make life easier for your mobile workforce while bringing multiple benefits to your business.  

Outdated procedures such as paperwork and legacy systems cause frustration for mobile workers and can lead to companies falling behind their competition.
In this blog, we explore the advantages of implementing the correct mobile workforce management software.

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software for Your Workforce

1. Effortless data collection and easy admin

Sifting through paperwork is time-consuming and a major pain point for mobile workers. But mobile forms are a faster and more accurate equivalent to paper processes. All job-related “paperwork” can be completed using a smart device and all job details are accessible at the click of a button. Admin has never been easier!

Any data collected from the job site can be synced to the cloud-based back-office manager; removing the need for mobile workers to travel back and forth to collect and deliver paperwork.
Utilising mobile workforce management software minimises travel time and admin duties for your mobile workforce. In turn, reducing fuel costs and maximising your team’s capacity.

2. Full accessibility to job information to improve productivity 

Lack of information is a common frustration for mobile workers. If your employees are spending more time tracking down the resources they need than completing the job, there will be a negative impact on first-time fix rate. 

A plethora of details and attachments are accessible from a smart device. Mobile workers who are fully equipped with the correct resources and tools can be more productive on-site. Removing the worry surrounding arduous paperwork or contacting head-office for more information allows your workforce to seamlessly deliver your product or service. 

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software for Your Business 

1. Stay compliant with mobile forms

The powerful functionality of mobile forms software increases the opportunities for a business to stay compliant compared to paper processes. 

Photographs and electronic signatures allow mobile workers to sign-off jobs and evidence their work is completed successfully and to a high standard. 

Plus, features like mandatory fields mean that forms cannot be submitted until all answer fields are complete – ensuring you get the essential data you need, every time.  

2. Empowers full visibility by the collection of real-time data 

Mobile workforce management software allows businesses to capture every detail. Packed with features that enable the collection of high-quality, accurate data, spotting trends within your business is easier than ever.  

Job tracking capabilities provide full visibility of your workforce, such as lengths of shift, job delays and productivity levels. The data can be utilised to react to unexpected problems in the field, quickly and efficiently, helping you to deploy the correct resources to ensure the work is completed on time.

3. Keep your services consistent

Every mobile workforce manager will understand the difficulties of delivering a consistent service when the day-to-day life of a mobile worker is so changeable.  

Although many set-backs are unpredictable, mobile workforce management software makes it possible to ensure each employee completes every task in exactly the same way - delivering relevant workflows will guide your workforce through their daily duties. 

Consistent data collection helps identify common trends that can optimise job and resource scheduling. As well as ensuring that customers receive the same standard of service, no matter their location.

4. Grow customer relationships with CRM systems

Storing all of your customer data in a centralised location lets you know your customers better. 

Most mobile workforce management systems include CRM software but existing third party systems can often be integrated with your new management software.

All the data collected from the field can be shared with your CRM system, giving powerful insights such as, customer history, previous orders and service issues, which aid the development of holistic customer relationships. 

Utilising a CRM system within workforce management promotes easy collaboration between office and field-based staff. Office workers can analyse data in real-time, while field technicians have easy access to all the customer data they need to complete the job.

Reach – Mobile Workforce Management Software by Triangle

We’ve designed an end-to-end mobile workforce management system to help your workforce become more efficient and improve your processes.   

Our intelligent software covers every aspect of your business. As well as mobile workflows, it boasts CRM systems, quotes and sales orders through to invoicing and credit notes.   

Learn more about Reach here or contact us today to find out more.