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What is a Sales Order Processing System?

30 October 2020

What is sales order processing?

When a customer places an order, a business follows a set of procedures to fulfil the customer’s purchase - this is sales order processing. 

The number of departments involved in the order processing operation combined with the number of awaiting orders can become complex to manage when a business uses an outdated, inefficient system.  

Efficient sales order processing relies on accuracy and speed, which businesses achieve by utilising sales order processing software. A sales order processing system assists with every touchpoint of the order process and empowers improved communications between all of the departments involved in order fulfilment.

The signs your business needs a sales order processing system

Systematic sales order processing is essential to accurately deliver your product(s) promptly and keep your customers satisfied. 

Here are the signs that indicate it’s time to invest in a sales order processing system:

  1. Expanding into multiple sales channels without a centralised database to manage orders from each platform
  2. Too many data entry mistakes throughout the sales order process leading to incorrect inventory or shipping errors
  3. An increase in paperwork or outdated programmes such as spreadsheets becoming inadequate and difficult to manage
  4. Staff working overtime to fulfil orders due to inefficient order processes 

‍‍All of these issues can be resolved by a sales order processing system that automates operations to make fulfilment faster and more efficient. Embracing order processing software will make expansion more manageable and take your business to the next level.

What are the benefits of sales order processing software?

Reduce human error and costly mistakes

Sales order processing errors not only result in unhappy customers but can also be costly to correct! 

Mistakes often occur within spreadsheets (for businesses that still rely on this method). Employees manually input data from spreadsheets and emails, which leaves plenty of room for human error when copying prices, quantities and product codes. Further, spreadsheets are limited in the amount of data validation they can offer, resulting in your employees working from inaccurate information. 

Both of these issues can cause confusion between departments and result in shipping errors and delivery delays. 

Sales order processing software handles your data for you and significantly reduces mistakes by minimising the need for manual data entry.

Minimise Stock Errors and Improve Customer Satisfaction

If each department uses different spreadsheets and software, stock information will be inaccurate and differ from department to department; this can lead to multiple errors and even a customer not receiving their order.

Sales order processing software streamlines your inventory management and stock control. It provides real-time access to what stock you have available and what is due to arrive, which is somewhat un-achievable with spreadsheets. 

Sales order processing systems store data in a central location so that each department is working from the same information. It minimises mistakes in stock control and enables you to process orders without error or delay.

Products arriving on time equals happy customers!

Fast Sales Order Processing and Enhanced Productivity

Spreadsheets and non-integrated systems significantly slow-down a business’s ability to take and dispatch orders. Duplicate data entry of product and customer information for estimates, orders and invoicing is inefficient. It wastes your employees’ time and reduces their productivity. 

Sales order processing software makes customer and product data accessible across all departments. As your employees are free from the burden of duplicate data entry, they have more time to focus on other jobs. More time can accelerate order processing and gives your team the capacity to deal with more sales than before.

Sales Order Processing by Triangle Software

At Triangle Software, we offer a tailorable sales order processing system that we can fine-tune to meet the needs of your business. 

Mosaic is a highly dependable, accurate and robust sales order processing solution designed to improve your business’s bottom line. 

Learn more about Mosaic here or contact us to make an enquiry.