Why do I need bespoke business software

31 January 2012

A problem common to most owner/managers is one of not seeing the obvious, largely due to familiarity. One way to see if your business software is fit for purpose is to look at the number of spreadsheets in use, particularly those that are used and updated regularly.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the business rely on these spreadsheets?
  • Does the business make decisions based on these spreadsheets?
  • Are these spreadsheets looked after by an individual?
  • If so, what happens if/when that individual leaves or is sick?

Spreadsheets are invaluable for one-off analysis or financial modelling tasks, but not appropriate for routine information collection and/or analysis; they are time consuming, error prone, key staff dependant and difficult to maintain - all reasons to look at adding some bespoke software into your business processes.