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Formulate empowers accurate data capture, improves workforce efficiency & enforces compliance

We understand that accurate data capture can be challenging for any mobile workforce, so we have created a mobile forms software solution to make administrative tasks quick and simple. Access to real-time, intelligent data also enables more efficient mobile workforce management. 

Formulate is packed full of features that have been carefully designed to benefit your business and your mobile workforce. 

Fully tailorable mobile forms software

Fully Tailorable

Mobile forms with electronic signatures

Electronic Signatures

GPS maps and locations

Maps & GPS Locations

Barcode scanning with mobile forms

Barcode Scanning

Image capture on mobile forms

Image Capture


Document Attachments

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Paper form to mobile form

Fully Tailorable

Mobile Forms Software

Our experience has taught us that every business is unique, so we believe your software should be too. 

Formulate is an off-the-shelf solution, but what makes it special is that we can tailor the software to fulfill the exact requirements of your business. 

We can create bespoke software modules based on your individual needs, so you can collect the data that matters most and improve your bottom line.

Learn about Formulate's powerful back-office application

Notifications screenshot


Alert your workforce to job changes

Your workers will receive notifications to their mobile device if any changes are made to their allocated jobs via the back-office system. 

Alerts will keep your workforce informed in real-time, which improves communication and prevents mistakes

Electronic signature on mobile form

Electronic Signatures

Maintain business compliance with electronic signatures

Official sign-off signifies the job is complete and all parties are satisfied with the standard of the work. 

It can also be utilised to sign-off compliance checks, such as vehicle maintenance checklists and risk assessments. 

Formulate enables signature capture on a mobile device using a finger or stylus. Plus, GPS locations and automatic timestamps will pinpoint where and when the signature was provided. 

GPS location map on mobile form

Maps & GPS Locations

Pinpoint your employees’ exact location

Formulate's back-office application will display where the user completed the form, thanks to automatic GPS locations recording.

Maps can also be utilised within the form to provide the user with job location information. Simply drop a map into the mobile form and enter a postcode for the site location. 

Barcode scanning on mobile form

Barcode Scanning

Collect data quickly and accurately

This feature is useful for a range of field service operations, such as inventory and inspections of materials or equipment.  

Barcodes are scannable using a camera on a mobile device. When a user scans a barcode, the relevant form fields will automatically populate with the barcode data e.g. serial numbers or storage locations. 

It saves time and reduces human error because the user isn’t required to manually input each piece of information. 

Image capture on mobile forms

Image Capture

Evidence job information with photographs

Photographs are a powerful form of communication and an effective way of evidencing job information. 

Mobile workers can capture a photo using their smart device and attach it to a mobile form. 

Office-based staff can view the photographs to assess the quality of a job or identify damage to products or equipment. 

Document icons for mobile forms

Attach Documents to Mobile Forms

Provide your field service workers with instant access to important documents

Easily attach electronic versions of job instructions, user manuals or health and safety guidelines to your mobile forms.  

Mobile workers usually need a collection of documents to complete the job in hand; paperwork is often lost or damaged, but digital documents are safe, secure and quickly accessible from a mobile device. 

From PDFs to Word documents, there is a range of mobile-friendly files that can be attached to Formulate mobile forms. 

Answer fields that boost compliance

Mandatory fields on mobile form screenshot

Mandatory Fields

Missing data will never be a problem

Mobile workers can find it difficult to manage paperwork while they’re on the move. Lack of time can result in employees returning incomplete forms to head office. 

Applying this feature to your mobile forms will ensure your workforce collects all necessary details. The form can only be submitted once all mandatory fields are complete.

Answer validations on mobile forms screenshot


Improve data accuracy with field validation

Answers must meet a certain set of requirements to meet the specifications of the answer field e.g.   

  • The numerical value entered must be less than 50    
  • The date entered must not be before today 

The digital form cannot be completed until the fields are populated correctly, which guarantees no errors.

Multiple choice on mobile forms screenshot

Multiple Selection

Standardise your data collection

Provide the user with a list of pre-populated answers. Receiving data in a consistent format allows for easy data analysis.

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