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The Benefits of Mobile Forms Software in Social Care

01 October 2020

Paperwork and social care go hand-in-hand due to the growing number of regulations that care workers must abide by. But administrative tasks are time-consuming. Lengthy processes can lead to reduced staff productivity and less time for the job they’re trained to do. 

We designed a mobile forms software solution, Formulate, to make admin quick, simple, and flexible. It’s a digital method of data collection using a smartphone or a tablet device that is increasingly replacing paper processes. 

Formulate has multiple benefits that allow children’s homes to keep on top of paperwork while providing the best possible care. 

Fast and Flexible Mobile Form Software

With Formulate, you can design and deploy the forms you need, and delete the ones you don’t - all from the desktop application. 

You’re not restricted by a library of standardised forms, and you don’t need your software vendor to add or remove your data. At Triangle, we handover the control, so you can benefit from effortless document management. 

Formulate’s complete flexibility and intelligent design empowers the creation of tailored forms that do exactly what you require. And transferring your paperwork into digital forms is quick and simple thanks to the application’s user-friendly interface.

Safe and Compliant Software for Children’s Services

Comply with Ofsted’s regulations with Formulate. Mobile forms software is packed with features to enhance accurate data collection, minimise risk and ensure your social care workers capture every detail. 

Mandatory fields ensure your workforce enters all the essential information, while job scheduling delivers the important “paperwork” to the right care worker, at the right time. Missing forms are a thing of the past and compliance has never been easier. 

This uniform technique of data collection ensures that each user completes routine checks (such as daily progress and incident forms) in exactly the same way. Consistency facilitates simple reporting and enables you to meet the quality standards outlined by external bodies time and time again. 

So where is your data stored? As a cloud-based software solution, all of your important information is accessible from any desktop with an internet connection, so it’s available for inspection at a moment’s notice. 

We understand that data security is paramount, so everything within your Formulate application is stored safely on a secure server. 

Real-time Access to Child Care Information with Mobile Forms

Your care home team can access Formulate from any location - inside or outside, from the home or on a day trip. Forms can be completed from a mobile or tablet device and synced to the desktop application. Managers can view the completed forms in real-time and export the data for further reporting. 

Real-time data means managers, supervisors and care workers can react quickly to any problems. It provides clear visibility into the daily management of the children’s home facility and the children who live there.  

Mobile Forms Allow More Time to Spend on Care

Increasing amounts of paperwork limits the time care workers are able to spend on care. One of the main advantages of mobile forms software is that it makes admin more efficient.    

There’s no need to sift through piles of paper, fill out forms by hand or disappear to the office to use a desktop computer. Users can easily navigate to the form they need from their mobile device, fill in the required information and submit the details to the back-office application.  

Reducing the time spent on administrative tasks lets your care team prioritise the things that matter the most – building relationships with the children in their care, prioritising their safety and helping to improve their life skills.

Transition to Mobile Forms by Triangle - A Home Care Software Solution

If your children’s home is running a legacy system or is still relying on paper processes, now is the time to consider mobile forms software.  

Formulate, our mobile form solution, offers full flexibility, with the ability to create limitless forms that meet the exact requirements of your facility. 

To learn about our mobile forms software visit our blog for FAQs and more, or contact us here to make an enquiry.