Blogs from April 2014

Ensure your software adapts to change

Internet safety is becoming even more important as we move more and more to online services. Even massive multinationals are coming under fire from hacking and other security breaches. One of the newest line of defence comes from Shape Security’s ‘Shape Shifter’ hardware. Founded by an ex-Google employee and a former Chief of Security, the… – read more

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

We know that there is more power in modern smartphones and tablets than in the typical desktop computer. By the end of 2014, it is estimated that 6% of the global population will own a tablet, 20% will own PC’s and 22% will own smartphones (that’s two smartphones for every nine people on the earth,… – read more

Does new evidence change your software assumptions?

If you thought that the Higgs Boson, or God Particle, was cool; scientists have recently discovered proof of a brand new exotic hadron particle that may well rewrite modern physics as we know it. First detected in 2007 by the Belle Corporation, particle Z(4430), has 4 quarks (a tetraquark) instead of the usual three. This… – read more

How modern software solutions can be your new motive power

We’ve been told for years that oil, coal and gas are running out yet there seems to be more lately than ever. Shale gas has just exploded onto the scene, and now there seems to be a new fuel in town: Fire ice. Locked deep under the permafrost or one the edges of continental shelves… – read more